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Celebrity divorces - dividing riches and royalties

Date:23 JAN 2020
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Singer Adele recently filed for divorce from her husband of three years. Adele’s divorce will take place in the US but if it had taken place in the UK her ex-spouse may have argued for a share of up to 50 percent of her wealth private client law firm Boodle Hatfield has noted.

So just how are the particular assets of actors writers and musicians such as royalties income handled on a divorce? This is income earned during the marriage that may not be received for many years after a divorce and therefore requires careful consideration.

James Ferguson head of the family team at Boodle Hatfield has looked into what this might mean for any celebrities looking to divorce.

If royalties make up a large percentage of marital assets celebrities could be forced to sell them

Mr Ferguson explained that if royalties were earned during the relationship or if they have significant value a judge could order that they should be sold for their cash value and then split between the divorcing couple. However the market for royalties (although growing)...

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