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Celebrating 40 years of conflict resolution through mediation

Date:24 APR 2023
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Chief Executive, NFM

Spring is often associated with new beginnings conjuring up images of flower covered fields frolicking lambs and sun dappled mornings. But for me Spring is also a time for reflection and an opportunity to look back at our achievements over the years and the lessons we have learnt along the way.

This year is particularly poignant as we embark on a series of events and celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of National Family Mediation or as it was known back then the National Family Conciliation Council. Four decades during which we have helped to shape the role of out-of-court mediation; supporting thousands of families to resolve conflict in a more cost effective and amicable way.

Spring 2023 also happens to be when I will officially hang up my hat as the charity’s CEO after what has been a rather eventful (albeit at times somewhat frustrating given the endless political upheaval and moving of goalposts) almost 20 years at the helm.

While the charity has evolved considerably since it was established whilst under the watchful eye...

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