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Can’t afford to do pro bono work? We can’t afford not to

Date:4 NOV 2014
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Ariel Ricci barrister Coram Chambers

This week marks the 13th annual National Pro Bono Week. It is 18 months since the legal aid cuts arising from the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 were implemented. Everything the legal profession predicted has come to fruition: parents prevented from spending time with their children are unable to get legal advice victims of domestic violence are cross-examined by their abusers and courts are grinding to a halt due to a disturbing rise in litigants in person.

The demand for pro bono legal advice and representation in family law has surged and will increase in the coming months. As demand increases there is a risk that lawyers willing to do this work decrease as practitioners become reluctant to commit the time or leave the...

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