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Call for access rights to grandparents

Date:15 MAY 2018
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Collaborative lawyer & Family law arbitrator
'Call for "rights for grandparents" law' announced the BBC in May. The story came from a Parliamentary debate on 2 May entitled, 'Access Rights to Grandparents'. One should not be distracted by the language used, or indeed the reference to the 'Children's Act' by the BBC Radio 4 announcer. This debate was a very important one. One which I personally hope may lead to a review of the law.

Nigel Huddleston, Member of Parliament for Mid Worcestershire, led the debate in Westminster Hall. He began:

'Since announcing that this debate was happening, I have been inundated with emails, letters and calls from grandparents and grandchildren from across the country expressing their support, and many colleagues from across the House have told me that they have been dealing with cases on this issue for many years”. He added, “When access to grandchildren is blocked, some grandparents call it a kind of living bereavement".'
MPs cited examples form a number of organisations including Bristol Grandparents Support Group and GranPart. Bristol Grandparents Support Group knew of three grandparents who felt unable to continue their lives without seeing their grandchildren.

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