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Burying items with the body

Date:4 NOV 2019
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Associate Solicitor

The practice of humans burying their dead with items of cultural religious or sentimental value can be seen throughout history but can cause contention within the family. The recent discovery of a mystery warrior near Chichester buried with a number of artefacts made us think about the different ways in which people have disposed of bodies the items that are buried or cremated with them and the subsequent family disputes that can arise.

The emotion involved in the loss of a loved one can often lead to family disputes and litigation arising following their death. These disputes may start as relatively narrow issues such as the funeral arrangements where to bury the body where to hold the wake and what items are to be buried with the body but can lead to much wider issues including a will dispute as the executors are responsible for the funeral arrangements and challenging their authority may lead to a challenge to the deceased’s will.

The remains of the mystery warrior were found at an archaeological site near Chichester. The skeleton is believed...

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