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Brexit: To Hell in a Handcart - Episode One

Date:15 JUN 2016
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Queen's counsel
The below article appears in the May issue of Family Law at [2016] Fam Law 568 and has been made available free of charge as a service to our readers.

We two authors are avowedly in favour of the United Kingdom remaining within the European Union. Our views are founded in the political and social realities on which membership is based and from which the legal consequences flow. The legal system in which we have both grown up (one somewhat earlier than the other) is that of EU law being directly applicable in the UK. It thus becomes our domestic law – and for good reasons which the misguided views of the Brexit supporters simply fail to realise. We shall endeavour to convince. Our shared views are best expressed through joint authorship. We believe that the decision of our opponents David Hodson and Gavin Smith (esteemed colleagues of ours but with a peculiar blindness in this field) to write separately aptly demonstrates that further fragmentation is on the way if Brexit eventuates.

The debate in this journal focusses on the issues facing family lawyers. But we repeat our message that the particular area of...

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