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Brain science evidence and professional footprints

Date:25 NOV 2021
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Helen Adam Wells Family Mediation

The evidence for climate change is real; it challenges us all to think about our carbon footprint and strive for a greener existence. In the same way are family professionals listening to brain science and the mounting evidence of harm to children caused by toxic stress in their brain development? 

The article looks in very simple terms at differing stress responses for children and their impact on brain development.  This then begs the question: how do we adapt our professional practices in the face of the scientific evidence? Rather than suggest any specific answers the article presents thoughts from a range of people those working within the system alongside the system and as a client of the system. It invites us all to reflect on how we impact the lives of the children with whose families we work. Do we leave a ‘green’ professional footprint on the family or do we ignore the science and similar to climate change leave children and grandchildren to pay the price?

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