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Jade Quirke
Jade Quirke
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Book Review – Nobody Comes, Anthony Cleary, Crux Publishing, 2014
Date:6 FEB 2014
Law Reporter

Nobody Comes

This is a truly remarkable book and a must read for anyone who can remember the heart-breaking images of orphans in post-revolutionary Romania in the early 1990's.

Anthony Cleary details his journey to adopt a Romanian orphan following his and his wife's decision to take action when they saw the same images. For many this story offers an insight into the frustrating, and at times insurmountable, challenge of their decision to act.

This book is not for the faint hearted: it evokes strong feelings, offering detailed descriptions of the state of the orphanages and neglectful state of the orphans they housed. It details the frustratingly bureaucratic systems, or lack there of, in place in Romania and the UK, leaving the reader in a state of disbelief that more was not done to help these lost children. It also leaves you wondering what happened to the children who were not fortunate enough to be adopted and who is caring for them now.

Although at times, the journey appears to be full of despair, what shines through is the bravery, devotion and humanitarian efforts of a person committed to making a difference, even for just one child.

My only suggestion would be for a follow-up book. Anthony Cleary gives a glimpse of some of the prejudice and obstacles his family faced once back in the UK and it would be interesting to hear how they met these difficulties.

This book is available for Kindle to download from Amazon for £6.99.