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Book Review – DIY Divorce and Separation: The Expert Guide to Representing Yourself

Date:15 APR 2015
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DIY Divorce and Separation: The Expert Guide to Representing Yourself

Team of Barrister from
1 Garden Court Family Law Chambers

Family Law 2014 £14.99 367pp

Review by 
Jane Robey  Chief Executive National Family Mediation

"The real strength of the book is in the sections about the court process and completing the court forms. The authors have provided examples of the types of answers to give whether it is in children’s proceedings or financial proceedings."

DIY Divorce and Separation: the Expert Guide to Representing Yourself is a guide that offers specific assistance to the increasing numbers of people in divorce cases who are representing themselves in courts. With the increasing number of litigants in person the publication of this book is very timely. The book takes you through the various aspects of legally ending a relationship and even provides information about what to do if you are not certain. ...

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