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Bloom v Bloom: The risks of failing to provide full and frank disclosure in financial remedy proceedings

Date:22 MAR 2018
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Bloom v Bloom [2018] Lexis Citation 16 concerned the applicant wife’s application that judgments in the financial remedy proceedings where the respondent husband had been found to have defrauded her parents should be published un-anonymised. The application was granted.


The applicant is Russian and was born on 10 February 1989. At the time of the parties’ marriage on 14 March 2011 she was 22-years-old. She is the only child of the intervener (the applicant’s mother) and her husband Valentin.

The respondent is English and was born on 19 February 1974. At the time of the marriage he was 37-years-old. The applicant and the respondent’s only child is A who was born on 18 February 2013.

The applicant did not work. She gave up her degree course unfinished upon the relationship with the respondent starting. He told her that she need not worry about such matters as he could support her.

Shortly after the marriage on 12 May 2011 the couple’s matrimonial home in London was acquired for £1 325 000. The purchase was funded entirely by the applicant’s parents. The intervener...

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