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Blog: how does a divorce coach assist the family law solicitor?

Date:18 JAN 2019
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As a divorce coach and consultant, Rhiannon Ford provides emotional support and practical help to people going through divorce and separation. With a background as a family law solicitor, Ford left private practice to set up her own consultancy, working in conjunction with the family law solicitor. In this blog posts she explains how a divorce coach assists the family law solicitor.

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Relationship breakdown can be extremely distressing

I have recognised that often the client requires additional help and support to the legal advice provided, which falls outside the boundaries of the service the solicitor is able to provide. It is not appropriate (for either the client or the solicitor), for the solicitor to be responsible for providing emotional support. The client should be referred to a professional who specialises in this type of help. Whilst I am not a counsellor, I provide positive, non judgemental support through coaching for the client. Where appropriate I can also refer the client to a counsellor or therapist.


Heightened emotional stress from the breakdown of their marriage interferes with a client’s ability to provide clear and rational instructions to the solicitor

I provide emotional support for the client throughout the legal process, resulting in a calmer more confident client. This allows the solicitor to concentrate on their legal advice. I coach clients to empower them to make strong decisions and work towards their expectations for the future. This enables the client to feel more in control of their life and better able to work constructively with their solicitor for a positive outcome.

With the completion of their Financial Statement and Income Needs Schedule; preparation for giving evidence and attending court; translation of legal jargon; help communicating their instructions clearly and concisely to the solicitor. This allows the solicitor time to concentrate on more productive chargeable hours elsewhere.



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