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August private law cases received by Cafcass increase by 18 per cent

Date:10 SEP 2015
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Figures released by Cafcass show that the number of new private law cases received in August 2015 increased by 18% from August 2014 levels. A total of 2,954 new cases were received.

Between April 2014 and March 2015 Cafcass received a total of 34,172 new private law cases. This figure shows a decrease of 27% from the 46,636 cases received in the previous financial year.

Figures have increased steadily since January 2015 (2,765 cases received) and peaked in July 2015 (3,509 cases received).

August cases received represent a 16% decrease from July's levels.

The full figures are available on the Cafcass website.