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An Analysis of Divorce in the UK

Date:9 MAY 2017
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For those of you among our midst who have a happy marriage you may be part of a trend forming in recent years where the divorce rate is slowly but surely dropping. In fact the gap between the number of marriages and divorces is wider now than it was more than two decades ago.

The infographic below examines this trend as the relationship support experts Relate have surveyed over 5 000 people within the UK to get to grips with their feelings on their relationships. This survey has unveiled the 10 most common relationship difficulties couples have to face as well as the top 7 signs that signal your marriage is heading towards divorce. Learning to read the signs as well as recognise behaviours in yourself and/or your partner can allow you to address these issues before they pass the point of fixing.

44% of marriages still end up in separation each year but the recent statistics prove that married couples are working even harder in recent years to stay together. No matter how...

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