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Adoption, special guardianship and residence orders: a comparison of disruption rates

Date:28 JAN 2015
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JULIE SELWYN, Professor of Child and Family Social Work, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol
JUDITH MASSON, Professor of Socio-legal studies, University of Bristol

Little has been known about the stability of adoption for looked after children or how the stability of adoption orders compare to the stability of special guardianship or residence orders. Findings are reported on a study that used national data on all looked after children who had been subject of the three types of orders. The characteristics of the children differed by type of order and between those whose placements were intact and those that had disrupted. Adoption was the most stable of the three orders with the lowest rate of disruption. The findings highlight the increased risk of disruption for children who were older, had delays and placement moves and for those on SGOs and ROs the greater stability of orders made to family or friends carers in comparison to orders made to unrelated carers.

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