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A week is a long time in a pandemic

Date:27 MAR 2020
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Barrister, arbitrator and mediator

I last physically appeared in court on the 17th March 2020. I travelled 4 hours to spend a morning in court. I went on three trains and stayed overnight in advance. I was twitchy about doing this, but my diary demanded it and the scale of the lockdown was yet to be upon us.

I write this on the 27 March 2020. In ten days, life has completely changed.

Context first. This is a global pandemic. People are dying. Lives are being destroyed. NHS workers are bravely going into the fray without, it seems, good enough protective equipment.

The rule of law and the various ways in which it is applied in our lives remains important.

I don’t begin to suggest that the area of law with which I am most concerned, financial remedies, is that important in the current global and national context. But people are still getting divorced, wanting their financial affairs tidied up and those engaged in the practise of family law still have practices to run, clients to serve and bills to pay.

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