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A perspective on disability in family law: what’s the legal profession’s track record and how can it do better?

Date:24 FEB 2022
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Jo O’Sullivan, O’Sullivan Family Law

This is a whistle stop tour of all things related to disability and the legal profession. What is ‘disability’ and how does that fit with our personal definitions?  What about the social model of disability?  It’s just over 2 years since the ground breaking research ‘Legally Disabled’ was published. We’ll discuss its findings, find out the current stats and look at what could be done better. Lots of practical advice is here to help us get better at working with our disabled colleagues. This is a talented bunch of people who are being blocked from profession or if lucky enough to qualify, then unable to thrive. This article will help the reader have a hard look and re-think about outdated views of disabled people and their rightful place in the legal profession.   

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