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A mediator's take on the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory’s latest report

Date:27 FEB 2023
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Chief Executive, NFM

Another month, and the publishing of another detailed academic report considering the experiences of parents and their children who have been through a separation. This particular report, ‘Separating Families: Experiences of separation and support’, was published by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory, with research carried out by University of Bristol.

When the key findings first landed on my desk, I must say I was keen to delve into the detail having seen that the main focus of the programme of evidence was to increase understanding of private law proceedings in England and Wales, and in particular the types of support that families drew on to manage the process of separation without using the courts.

Indeed, the summary of the document concluded that based on a thematic analysis of the data, readers can gain ‘insights into what parents and children found valuable in managing and adjusting to the separation, as well as their reasons for using, or deciding not to use, the family courts’.

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