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A look at children law north of the border

Date:11 SEP 2019

I noticed in the news last week that the Scottish Government has published new legislation that aims to amend the law relating to children north of the border. I thought it would be instructive to see what a jurisdiction that is different but so close to ours is doing in this area so I decided to look into it. It quickly became apparent however that I could not possibly do justice to such a subject in one post. In fact I could have written quite a few posts on it. However I will limit myself to just two one outlining the present children law in Scotland in order to understand what is being proposed and the second setting out the Scottish Government’s proposals to modernise the law.

Note that I will only be looking at private law children matters not public law (i.e. involving the state). Oh and apologies in advance to any Scottish lawyers reading this for any errors on my part

Child law in Scotland – the similarities

The starting-point for children law in Scotland is the Children (Scotland) Act...

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