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Sandra Davis' Week: Divorce probability calculator

Date:26 AUG 2010

Sandra DavisIt's the silly season. Most of the country is overseas or (despite the weather) glamping. As for family lawyers a short pause for breath following the chaos caused by Imerman and the disastrous Legal Aid tender process is most welcome.

So as I escaped for a week away I was intrigued by a short piece in Friday's Telegraph about the "Divorce Probability Calculator". The calculator was designed by a US insurance company looking to attract attention for the kind of product that Kenneth Clarke appears rather keen on as an alternative to public funding.

Perhaps the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice should log on to the site: www.divorce-r-us.com/pain-and-misery (not really - but it may as well be). There he will find that with only a 13 per cent margin of error the brokers can predict the probability of divorce and undoubtedly in due course provide a quote for...

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