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Penny Booth: Privacy and 'privacy'?

Date:28 MAR 2011

Penny BoothIt is interesting to hear about the education bill which is set to become law later this year. All over the press this past weekend I am sure it is not going away and the teaching unions are not altogether happy about the situation. The proposals include wide powers for teachers / schools to confiscate mobile phones (‘thank God!' I hear) and even to read and delete material found on them. Oh dear...

Now mobile phones can be very useful but they can be dangerous. They allow parents to keep in touch with their children lifts to be arranged and anxiety to be reduced. They keep people in touch with each other. Their complexities allow life to be enjoyed and broadened. All to the good say I.

However who can have missed the reports of mobile phones being used by school-age children to assist cyber-bullying (why ‘cyber'? It makes it no better - this is just bullying by one means of another and foul...

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