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Penny Booth: What were we expecting, then?

Date:25 NOV 2010

Penny Booth in the SnowWell now the cuts in the current financial climate are beginning to bite and Legal aid begins to become a memory winter is here and social care becomes thinner than Oliver Twist's winter jumper.

There are so many stories (some exaggerated most not) many of which have so much of the truth in them that they really need highlighting. This is not so that we can actually do anything about it (student protests at university costs affecting families - where do they think the money comes from ultimately? - demonstrates the element of futility there) but they need mention so that we know the implications of what is being done. ‘Not in my name' is not good enough.

A few weeks ago Slough Council's announcement of a reduction in payments made to foster carers made some small headlines - it probably deserved bigger ones. Some people are surprised at the large amounts received by...

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