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Penny Booth: Mountains and Mole-Hills

Date:16 AUG 2011

Penny BoothThe papers are full of it; the media generally breathing a sigh of relief that the normally quiet August period which starts off by looking for silly stories moves into the annual accusations that school examinations are getting easier and then waits for September so that the end-of-the-summer new-education-year approach to stories can get going is not left looking for stories mid-summer. Wow!!!

Before we progress to these turbulent times of criminal acts in major cities around the country may I just get my two penn'orth in first on the examination results annual exchange - or in my case just the one? Notwithstanding better equipment for climbers there are more people climbing Mount Everest than ever before - does that mean the mountain is noticeably shrinking? I thought not. So how come exams ‘seem' easier because more are passing them? Answers on a postcard... complete rethink required. I am not saying they are or they...

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