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Penny Booth: The same the world over?

Date:15 DEC 2010

Penny in SerbiaAt the confluence of the Danube and the Sava Rivers in the Balkans indeed approaching 2 000 metres up a mountain in Serbia what are the concerns of family law? Here I am at a conference held in the Kopaonik resort by the National Jurists Association in Serbia - summer activities in the appropriate season covered in thick and beautiful snow right now in winter and just starting the skiing season. All sorts of areas covered - not just family law - with a focus on what they refer to as ‘natural law' where family law is within the law of personality and medical law sessions.

Are the concerns the same?

Actually there are many similarities in concerns revealed at these conferences and the opportunities to discuss them with groups from around the world (America Brazil Russia Turkey among them) but mainly from Europe and especially the Balkan region is helpful because it allows you to...

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