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Penny Booth: The 'Dangerous Book for Families'

Date:14 SEP 2010

Penny BoothI am thinking of getting round to a new publication - the ‘Dangerous Book for Families'.

I don't know the details of how this will work but a new curriculum suggested for boys (aka ‘Dangerous book for boys' style) proposes some new activities for youngsters of the male variety. Pity the girls aren't invited - perhaps because it is the boys falling behind at school and who need this extra attention ‘qua boys' as it were. Looks to me like the sort of activities that used to be popular in the long holidays aka ‘summer holidays' when school finished for six whole weeks. The Dangerous Book for Boys culture proposed by Michael Gove rides roughshod over the health and safety culture currently presiding over the diminution of ‘dangerous childhood' generally.

I agree with this representative of HM government. School has got a little too ‘risk-averse' (a reflection on our pathetic attempts to prevent life from happening) and one...

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