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Penny Booth: Family*

Date:7 SEP 2010

Penny Booth

Parents investigated over an 'honour killing' last week - not the first one we've had in the news is it?

Just a minute. Where's my Concise Oxford Dictionary? ‘Honour: high respect; glory; reputation ... respect highly confer dignity upon ...'

No - can't be that then can it? Not in my dictionary it isn't. This is simply murder and conferring ‘honour killing' upon these activities merely shows that we are cloaking with the respect of religion a murderous action which deprives another human being of life for no reason that could be good or honourable. Not for anywhere never mind in a family.

Perhaps it would be better if politicians stopped using their families when it suited them and the sticky situations they find themselves in? Strange how personal life and privacy is called upon when the press (bless them) get too close and then our dear leaders shout ‘foul' and call the referee over....

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