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Penny Booth: Never mind the quality, feel the distance?

Date:4 APR 2011

Penny BoothThe ‘right' for grandchildren to have the opportunity to see their grandparents may be a new provision available through a court near you soon. Let's leave the word ‘right' for now but it isn't before time because grandparents have a huge amount to offer children and it is a pity that they have to fight so hard to maintain the contact from which children benefit so much - usually. Of course there are exceptions but these must be outweighed by the times when relationships blossom and add so much to the welfare of children. To be cut off from that contact because of the death of one parent or vitriolic separation and divorce of offspring risks visiting further pain when the maintenance of contact could add so much to the benefit for all concerned.                                                                                

The reports last week were full of hope (again with a few exceptions) that changes in provisions would give grandparents rights - hang on a minute... surely...

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