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Penny Booth: So here we are in 2011, and what have we got?

Date:4 JAN 2011

Penny BoothWe are talking about - making prostitution legal surrogacy (with special reference to same-sex male couples becoming fathers) prenuptials and contracts late-onset parenthood (sounds like a medical condition - probably more of a headache than late-onset migraine) and just the merest hint of supporting the family entity - oh yes and a bit of sex. Not necessarily in that order eh?

It is good to read that we might well have prenuptial agreements but I want to hear the arguments for and against debated in Parliament. That way the public will get hold of it and have a chance to voice their views through media coverage and we hope in our brave new ‘big society' the Honourable Members will hear what we have to say about it all. Since we can't have a referendum on everything the MPs had better ‘listen up'. I still can't help feeling that we have had our current system for so...

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