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Penny Booth: Peripheral vision?

Date:2 JUN 2011

Penny BoothThe newspaper reports on the financial problems of Southern Cross care homes business indicate a malaise turning quickly to a panic. The care of the older members of society and the impact on families could be the start of the ‘in yer face' recognition that care in the community in its widest sense may not work - unless it is supported by some real money and some real change of heart. Where is the national generational support mechanism? Perhaps if you are wealthy it is ok; if you are not wealthy then hope to die a bit younger.

Sad?  Despondent? Grim? Perhaps. Who though these days has the money to have a house large enough for their elder members to live in with them when age creeps on and brings ill-health or feebleness? Who has the time or the capacity to look after their elder family members?  Who has the life experience to have seen others do it (since it was far...

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