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Penny Booth: Telling it how it is

Date:1 DEC 2010

Penny BoothA senior judge warned us all at the end of last week that the ‘sacred cow' of children coming first undermines the family courts and judges and that being uncritical about this approach leaves us with a system that is ‘flabby' in operation. Not only reported on this website but the speech hit the headlines (such as they are on page 37 of any newspaper) in Saturday's Times -  27 November 2010 - and was reported as coming from a judge who has ‘form' for being outspoken. As we said here:

"It is not the first time that Mr Justice Coleridge has been outspoken. In a speech to a Resolution conference in 2008 the judge said that an 'epidemic' of family failure was 'as marked and as destructive as global warming'."

Well I think global warming is a touch more dangerous and somewhat more immediate that any slow wearing-away of judicial authority. Back to this issue -...

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