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Penny Booth: Allodoxaphobia * rules OK?!?!

Date:31 AUG 2010

Penny BoothI see that the travel business does it again - holidays to the sun now seem to be extremely cheap after a summer of football (stay at home to watch unfolding disappointment) poor sunshine at home (weather soothsayers rule cockeyed) economic pressure (can you afford a holiday?) and... goodness knows what else but for families with children how can you go away when school is about to start? Those without under-age children will be whooping it up in the sun on holidays costing reportedly as little as 120 pounds a week - if you don't have to be at work. That's less than the cost of the emergency passport you get in a week after you apply for it in a panic. Don't get used to it though.

Watching family-time television can have its downside (Panorama 24 August 2010). The programme was an uncomfortable ‘watch' and not something for the faint-hearted. I do hope that it doesn't...

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