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First ever "new model" trainee begins contract

Date:7 SEP 2012

TrainingThe first trainee to come through a new solicitor training contract model, which seconds trainees to practices, has begun their legal career with Accutrainee.

Under Accutrainee's new model, using Solicitors Regulation Authority approved training contracts, trainees are taken on by Accutrainee but are seconded to law firms and in-house legal departments during their training contract. Trainees have an opportunity to work with these firms and demonstrate their skills in order to secure newly qualified positions once their training contracts have come to an end.

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Flora Hussey is the first Accutrainee candidate and began her contract this summer. She will be completing her training contract, spending most of her time at New Quadrant Partners, a boutique private client legal practice and advisory service based in London which provides for the needs of wealthy UK and international families and individuals.

Flora will also be spending three months focusing on contentious work at a top 20 City law firm which will complement other experience she will gain throughout her training contract. Susan Cooper, CEO of Accutrainee, said: "After launching last year, this represents a real milestone not just for Accutrainee, but also the legal profession as a whole. This training contract model gives the lawyers of the future a chance to experience different types of work in different legal environments, helping to shape them for the legal sector of tomorrow."

Traditionally, trainees are taken on 'in-house' by law firms, completing their entire two year contract with one firm. Under Accutrainee's model, trainees are employed by Accutrainee rather than the firms, but are seconded out to legal practices seeking trainees.

Under the model, trainees could remain at one firm for the duration of their Accutrainee contract or rotate amongst different firms, depending on each firm's trainee requirements and the trainee's needs.