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Edward Bennett
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Nagalro Conference: Interim Contact - Meeting the Needs of Infants
Date:8 FEB 2012

Monday, 12 March 2012, 10.30 am - 4.30 pm at St. Catherine's College, Oxford, OX1 3UJ

This conference will explore the interim contact needs of infants during care proceedings in the light of recent research.  This will be within the context of the importance of maintaining the infant's relationship with parents(s) whilst assessments are being undertaken and prior to final decisions being made by the Court.  Speakers will address how the voice and needs of the individual infant can be heard and attended to during this process, and will consider policy matters, assessment frameworks and the complex legal and social work practice issues which can arise.

This conference will be of interest to all involved in the family court system, including barristers, solicitors, family court advisers, children's guardians, judges, magistrates and social workers as well as members of adoption panels and practitioners in local authorities and voluntary agencies with a role in making decisions or arrangements in relation to contact, including those who directly supervise it and their managers.

Chair of the conference - Miss Recorder Pamela Warner

Speakers are:

  • Dr Danya Glaser - Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Department of Psychological Medicine at Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Dr John Simmonds - Director of Policy BAAF
  • Biddy Youell - Head of Child Psychotherapy, Tavistock Centre London
  • Tim O'Regan - Solicitor, Rudlings Wakelam, Thetford

Please email nagalro@globalnet.co.uk further details and an application form.