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MoJ proposals for online creation and registration of LPAs

Date:16 OCT 2013

The Ministry of Justice plans to make the creation and registration of Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPAs) possible online, with the aim of making the process more accessible and increasing the number of people who take out LPAs.

The online move is part of a current consultation into the services of the Office of the Public Guardian, which runs until 26 November 2013. The LPA process can at present largely be completed online, but the documents must still be printed and signed. The consultation sets out proposals for implementing a fully digital process for creating and registering LPAs. This will require primary legislation.

The aim is to make it possible for a greater proportion of the population to take out an LPA. They are ‘not just for the elderly', Justice Minister Lord McNally said. ‘Making a Lasting Power of Attorney is as important as making a will - it can save people unnecessary trauma and expense and makes sure their own wishes are followed whatever happens. It is crucial for people of all ages, yet very few under 60s have one registered and we need that to change.'