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Same-sex marriage developments and turmoil within the US Supreme Court: Part 2

Date:24 SEP 2013

Roger McCarthy QC, Associate Member Coram Chambers

The two parts of this article provide a survey of some same-sex marriage developments in other countries. Readers will gain a sense of how the issue is seen in an international context. Readers will see both contrasts and parallels with the situation in England, Wales and Scotland. Part 1 referred to a number of historical and international topics as a backdrop the very recent (26 June 2013) landmark decision of the United States Supreme Court in US Government v Windsor that legislation excluding same-sex marriages from the meaning of 'marriage' was unconstitutional.  The second part of the article concentrates on the position in the USA. It provides a snapshot of the US legal system's handling of some LGBT and same-sex marriage issues.

The full version of this article appears in the October 2013 issue of Family Law.

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