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Young Lawyers - Kate Gomery: Finally On My Feet (Sitting Down)

Date:9 JUN 2011

Kate GomeryIt may be an increasingly old-fashioned view in the modern age of focus on mediation collaboration and other forms of ADR but for me appearing at Court is what being a lawyer is all about. That doesn't mean I'm suggesting Court is the right forum to resolve some family law matters but rather that on a personal basis it's when and where I feel the most lawyerly.

One of the only disappointments of my (otherwise excellent) training is that I was not given the opportunity to conduct my own advocacy. Our clients were mostly high net worth individuals and Counsel tended to get involved in proceedings early on. Nonetheless having spent a considerable time in my legal career sat behind Counsel at various civil family and criminal courts across the land I have always hoped to be able to develop and hone my own advocacy skills.

This week I have...

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