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Young Lawyers - Kate Gomery: Get a Grip - Reform of Family Justice

Date:6 JUL 2011

Kate GomerySo let's take stock. Over the last couple of months as family lawyers we have had: the Family Proceedings Rules 2010 the Family Justice Review Interim Report the Munro Report the Private Family Law Representation Scheme the Family Advocacy Scheme and the Legal Aid (etc) Bill. This week there was news that the newly appointed Adoption "tzar" has recommended to ministers that the whole adoption process be speeded up and dramatically altered in other ways.

What have I missed? 

The problem with all this is that despite virtually everyone agreeing that there is need for reform within the family justice system there is currently so much "reform" being proposed without any idea of a comprehensive overview the effect is that no one really knows what's expected to happen (or when) with confusing and sometimes contradictory implications.

When most people say reform...

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