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Jonathan James: The Marriage Foundation – doomed to fail?

Date:2 MAY 2012

Jonathan JamesToday 2 May 2012 the Marriage Foundation is launched driven by Sir Paul Coleridge. Already it has stirred strong opinions. The Daily Mail heralded it by saying "At last! A judge who fights for marriage: Senior family court judge campaigns to break Britain's 'divorce addiction'". By contrast one eminent legal blogger has pictured the patrons of the Foundation with the bodies of dinosaurs. Another has even asked whether Sir Paul remains fit for office. But what is the Foundation actually setting out to do?

"Our overall aim is very simple: to increase the rate of marriage and reduce the rate of divorce."

Now the implication of some commentators is that to promote marriage is backward looking and doomed to extinction. Another is saying that it is in fact pernicious and deplorable. To paint divorce negatively is apparently to deny a person's right under law to seek a divorce!

So here are the key issues:

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