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Joanne Clarke: Transparency in the family courts guidance

Date:24 JUL 2013

Joanne ClarkeSir James Munby President of the Family Division has published a set of draft guidelines (pdf) outlining a proposed new approach to the publication of family judgments.

Prior to the issue of the draft guidelines the President had emphasised his determination to focus on transparency within the family justice system. "I am determined to take steps to improve access to and reporting of family proceedings. I am determined that the new Family Court should not be saddled as the family courts are at present with the charge that we are a system of secret and unaccountable justice."

It should come as no surprise then that this draft guidance has now been issued. Changes have been afoot for some time. Readers may remember in March 2013 Mr Justice Mostyn lifted a ban on Christopher Booker The Sunday Telegraph columnist reporting on a care case.

The injunction barred Mr Booker from making any reference to the case known as M v M and the London...

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