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Jenny Green: Ready, Set, Go!

Date:12 APR 2012

Jenny GreenWith the boat race last weekend and the Olympics now drawing ever closer the word 'competition' seems to be inescapable. It is however not just in the social arena that this word is all around us but in the workplace too.

The competitive market was a theme at the recent Resolution conference. All family lawyers will be more than aware of the increasing competition in the market not just from other lawyers but from corporate entities such as the Co-operative who are offering online divorce services.

Competition is not just coming from outside sources as it is undoubtedly clients too who are putting on the pressure. I would imagine that all of us have had clients come to us armed with a wealth of information (albeit of varying quality) that they have ‘discovered' on the internet.

So what are clients looking for in a family lawyer and are we at risk from non-specialist non-practitioners? Value...

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