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Hayley Trim's Analysis: Brain hurt

Date:14 MAR 2011

Hayley Trim  Family Law PSLMy little grey cells have been working overtime this week. I have been to two extremely interesting Family Law conferences - Introduction to the Court of Protection (also taking place in on 23 May in Manchester) and Medical Evidence in Child Abuse Cases. I'm going to focus on the second of these before the technical concepts are "pruned" as part of my "grey matter maturation" to adopt Dr Vizard's helpful terminology!

The Medical Evidence Conference culminated in an enthralling panel discussion involving the highly respected experts Dr Neil Stoodley Dr Helen Fernandes and Dr Eileen Vizard refereed (and at times it did feel that way) by John Vater. It was apparent from the first question about the roles of the different doctors in a forensic context  - what do they each "bring to the party?" - that although in a clinical environment doctors work alongside each other in teams it...

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