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Hayley Trim's Analysis:The race to litigate or leg it

Date:12 MAY 2011

Updated: 11:52 13 May 2011

Hayley Trim  Family Law PSLOne of the recommendations of the (interim) Family Justice Review is that parents be given a leaflet when they register the birth of their child providing an introduction to the meaning and practical implications of parental responsibility. Good idea but that will not help those fathers who are not involved in the registration process for whatever reason. Take for example Mr Chaffe.

I have to keep reminding myself when reading judgments - particularly appeals - that there are so many things we are not told so many facts and nuances that simply do not come across to the reader. Nonetheless I couldn't help feeling a sense of injustice on behalf of the father in the case of Mercredi v Chaffe [2011] EWCA Civ 272. I previously commented on the European Court's preliminary ruling in this case and the Court of Appeal has since given...

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