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Beyond the Nuclear: Civil Partnership - Marriage Equality's Missing Link

Date:28 JUN 2012

Duncan RantonAs the latest salvo in the ongoing gay marriage debate the Telegraph (on 18 June 2012) included an article headed "Civil partnerships should have been called marriage says top divorce lawyer".

The piece peppered liberally with quotes from a London family lawyer sounds a call to arms to the government to legislate for gay marriage in secular ceremonies leaving religious groups to decide amongst themselves whether to recognise and celebrate same-sex unions.

Whilst not an original train of thought - see for example the Briefing produced by not-for-profit Christian think-tank Ekklesia as long ago now as 2006 entitled "What Future For Marriage?" which contemplated this and other reforms to the institution of marriage to make it more relevant - it is undoubtedly the right solution. It neatly traverses the schism that has emerged between equality on the one hand and offended religious sensibility on the other.

The lawyer quoted went on to lambast the then Labour...

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