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Beyond the Nuclear: State and Church – An irreconcilable breakdown

Date:17 JUL 2012

Duncan RantonThe relationship had pretty inauspicious beginnings. It really was only ever a matter of time before the parties concluded their marriage had had its day. There was never any pretence that it was a love match: it was always a match of convenience. It once furthered the agendas of both participants. But now that that convenience has had its day what benefit is there from permitting this unfulfilling relationship to limp on? 

The Church of England published its official response to the Government Consultation on marriage equality last month. That response sought to capitalise on the Church's status within the constitutional structure. The proposal to allow marriage equality by 2015 would it prophesied "alter the intrinsic nature of marriage as the union of a man and a woman as enshrined in human institutions throughout history". It said marriage acknowledged "an underlying biological complementarity which for many includes the possibility of procreation".

The warnings continued:  the introduction of marriage equality might shake to its very foundations the role of the...

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