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Delia Minoprio: The Olympic Games- How will it affect you?

Date:3 JUL 2012

Delia MinoprioTravel tips for Family Lawyers in London

All eyes and ears are on London as we prepare for a great and extraordinary event: Squillions of pounds spent thousands of volunteers taking unpaid leave to direct tourists to the nearest loo and London transport on the brink of collapse. Curmudgeonly grumblings of overcrowding bah-humbuggings about inflated prices and tut-tutting about road lanes will do nothing to stop the Olympics from happening in less than 30 days' time so: on your marks...get set...

AdvertThe Olympic Park at Stratford is just one of the twenty venues that will be hosting events. Live sites are spread far and wide across the city and Greater London so some areas at certain times will be incredibly busy during the Games. This article is intended to help you and your clients prepare for what may lie ahead when travelling to...

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