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David Hodson on International Family Law: Four Jurisdictions Conference in Edinburgh

Date:3 FEB 2011

David HodsonThe British Isles is a curious and confusing family law location! It constantly bewilders family lawyers in other jurisdictions and with very good reason. It's boundaries it's legal systems its political turmoils and differences and separate electoral accountabilities are founded in history going back over 1000 years. It comprises five countries (excluding the surrounding islands) four family law jurisdictions two EU member states (UK and Eire) and one geographical entity. Predictably many families move frequently and freely settling long-term sometimes for many generations in other countries yet retaining their cultural origins. Family lawyers within the British Isles need to understand both the cross-border issues and the relevant national laws.

About 16 years or so ago lawyers with practices bordering the Irish Sea met to discuss these issues now comprising Scotland Northern Ireland and north-west England (with Wales but most definitely not Southeast England) and the Republic of Ireland. Their annual conferences in late January rotating...

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