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David Hodson on International Family Law: A cool summer for international family law

Date:1 SEP 2011

David HodsonIf it was going to be the coldest summer for many years then perhaps not the worst time to spend it indoors with the Redbook! Jordans’ A Practical Gide to International Family Law is being published in its second edition in January 2012. Although it will have more contributors on the specialist chapters than the first edition the bulk still remains with the author! Although I knew there had been many changes since the first edition was written early 2008 I have been amazed at how many areas have had significant case law and statute differences. Whilst some chapters have coped with the amendments a good number have had to be almost entirely rewritten.

Greatest change of course is the new rules FPR 2010 in effect April 2011.  When they were first published I congratulated the drafting committee for having included rules in respect of many international aspects eg reciprocal enforcement and the Mediation Directive.  I appreciate the new rules...

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