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Evidence, practice and procedure: X’s appeal rejected - disclosure still stands

Date:13 DEC 2012
Solicitor Advocate

David Burrows - Evidence  practice and procedure

David BurrowsIn Re A (A Child) [2012] UKSC 60 [2013] 1 FLR (forthcoming) (heard as Re J (A Child: Disclosure) (Rev 1) [2012] EWCA Civ 1204 in the Court of Appeal) the issue before the Supreme Court was whether disclosure of the identity of a father's accuser (‘X' ‘a young person' - age not disclosed) and the substance of her allegations against him should be given to the parties in contact proceedings relating to their child; and whether X should be required to give evidence in those proceedings. A (the child in the proceedings) is aged 10 and her parents G and J separated in 2002. J lives in Australia. He applied for contact and a final order in 2009 provided staying contact for him with A.

X made serious allegations of sexual abuse by J that allegedly took place when she was a child. X...

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