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Rebecca Delaney
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Child support: the start of the gross income scheme
Date:22 JAN 2013

David Burrows

Solicitor Advocate:

For a limited group of parents (mostly new applicants with four or more children) the new calculation scheme under Child Maintenance and Other Payments Act 2008 came into operation on 10 December 2012. For these applicants calculation of child support maintenance will be based on their gross income and will be subject to a new set of rules for application and variation directions. From the same date new rules as to the definition of 'child' (up to 20, in certain cases) under Child Support Act 1991, s 55 will apply.

The full version of this article appears in the February 2013 issue of Family Law.

David Burrows is author of Practice of Family Law: Evidence and Procedure (Jordans, 2012).