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The new FPR 2010, Part 25 (Experts and Assessors) and accompanying practice directions come in to force today. What changes do they make?

Date:31 JAN 2013

Amy Royce-GreensillOn 31 January 2013 the new FPR 2010 Part 25 and accompanying practice directions come into force. Instead of there being just one practice direction about Experts and Assessors (the old PD25A) there will be now be six (PDs 25A-25F).

The explanatory notes to the Amendment Rules provide a useful brief summary of the changes if you are in a real hurry. However we have spent some time playing spot the difference and set out below a more detailed summary of the changes the new rules make. We have also produced some destinations and derivations tables to help you navigate the new rules and practice directions (available to download below).

Rule 25.1 - This is a change we've known about since A Local Authority v DS [2012] EWHC 1442 (Fam). The old wording restricted expert evidence to that which is ‘reasonably required to resolve the proceedings'. The new wording is stricter - expert evidence will be restricted to that ‘which in...

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