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Researching reform: 2016 - what we’ve seen and where we’re going

Date:19 DEC 2016

Child welfare has become central to politics in the United Kingdom and 2016 has offered up some important lessons for the Family Justice System and Government as a result.  

The year began positively with the UK’s leading fathers’ charity becoming the first ever organisation in Europe to provide single fathers with temporary accommodation. This new form of housing has been up and running for a year and has proved hugely successful with fathers praising the charity for its initiative and the difference it’s made to their lives and most importantly their children’s. 

Also in January a new template for Private Law Orders was produced by President of the Family Division James Munby. A document which allowed for the fast production of Orders was created to enable families to leave court with the Order in their hands rather than wait for weeks sometimes months for the Order itself. Little else is known about these templates one year on - did they make a difference to families and how many courts actually used them? 

February saw the spotlight shift...

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